A report by Susanna Dörhage & Sandy Palenzuela for RTS TV France.

"Sadly, sex tourism has been expanding for decades. In the Philippines, many prostituted women who had a child with a  customer are left to their own devices, and their children are ostracized. Now some of the women have decided to act. With the help of RENEW they locate the father of their child to hold him accountable. Sometimes even as far away as the peaceful Swiss pastures, as this shocking report reveals." Click on Photo to watch.


Who we are

RENEW Foundation is a Christian, international non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering female survivors of human trafficking and prostitution in the Philippines. RENEW is located in Angeles City - the countries centre for prostitution and second largest destination point (after metro Manila) for internal sex trafficking. Endemic poverty, high unemployment levels, a weak rule of law enforcement, and a rapid growth in the sex tourist industry have all contributed to significant trafficking activity and high levels of prostitution in the country.

Mission and Vision

  • To offer renewal through freedom, faith in Christ, and economic opportunity to Filipino women and children exploited through trafficking and prostitution.
  • To eradicate the human trafficking of women and children through advocacy, networking and eduction for the purpose of supporting protecting and empowering victims.

Our Programs

RENEW is an internationally accredited NGO, and is licensed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in the Philippines to provide residential care, social and health care programs. RENEW is also a UK registered charity - 1115787.

RENEW's programs centre around three components:

1.  Prevention: Girls Empowerment Program - providing holitsic support for teengage girls in high risk communties, including education and family support.
2.  Intervention: Medical, Legal, Psycho-social and Residential care and support and Single Parent Program - supporting mothers in the bars to seek contact and support from their child's biological fathers.
3.  Reintegration: Counseling, Medical care, Legal aid, a Safe place to live, Education, Job training and Placement and assistance with finding a home or rejoining the family.

Each program is run by highly skilled and experienced Filipino staff and a team of (inter)national volunteers.

Photo Journal by NICOLAS METRAUX

Single Parent & Child Program