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RENEW Foundation is a Christian, international non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering female survivors of human trafficking and prostitution in the Philippines.

RENEW is located in Angeles City - the countries centre for prostitution and second largest destination point (after metro Manila) for internal sex trafficking. Endemic poverty, high unemployment levels, a weak rule of law enforcement, and a rapid growth in the sex tourist industry have all contributed to significant trafficking activity and high levels of prostitution in the country. 

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12.02.2018 | actualización 20h10

Un resort de Filipinas desata la polémica por el turismo sexual en el país: "No importa ser viejo o gordo"



Loss Angeles

Words and pictures by Stephanie Borcard & Nicolas Metraux.

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A now decommissioned US Air Force base outside the Philippine city begot a sex industry and thousands of children who will never know their father.





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Watch our documentary below to learn more about the work that we do to empower prostituted women and at risk youth in the Philippines.

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RENEW has developed a research based screening tool for identifying female youth who are most at risk of being trafficked.  Using this tool we conduct house to house surveys.  Those selected are then invited to enter our program which encompasses educational, familial,  economic, and spiritual support.